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                                                       Gary M. McDowell, DC, CCSP, QME
          Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner | Qualified Medical Evaluator

8300 University Avenue
    La Mesa, CA 91942 

Patient Testimonials

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What Patients Say About Dr. Gary M. McDowell

Coming to McDowell Family Chiropractic has helped me more than I expected it would. My pain symptoms were the first to go. Afterwards, I feel myself getting stronger with each adjustment. I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Gary. I referred my own father here. They’re the greatest!

Carolyn Fitial
San Diego, CA


Every time I come in [to see Dr. McDowell], I feel tired, sore and stiff. Not much of a believer when it comes to health care, but I can say that I am now! I leave feeling more optimistic. I’m progressing in all areas. I leave not only feeling physically better, but mentally. I look forward to each visit.

Justin Correia McCuaig
La Mesa, CA


A Chiropractor’s best interest is for us to go back to the way we were before our injuries and so far I have been experiencing that. I came in for back problems after an auto accident and a lot of my pain reduced. I have no more shooting pains up my spine. I can sit for 1-2 hours now before feeling pain. Some of my lower back pressure was alleviated. I would recommend Dr. McDowell.

Zeinab Mohamed
San Diego, CA


Dr. McDowell is insightful and is a wealth of knowledge concerning underlying issues as a result of injury.

Tiffany Riley
Spring Valley, CA


I’m very grateful to have Dr. McDowell as my specialist. He worked to get me back together (after my accident). I just want to thank him for his time and getting me out from under so much pain. God bless you, Dr. McDowell.

Barbara Meadows
El Cajon, CA


Coming here has helped me sleep better and I can play tennis without pain. Dr. Gary is nice and fun and he has helped me to feel better.

14 yrs.


Dr Gary is great!  My family sees Dr. Gary for both personal & accident related injuries. It has made me feel more relaxed, less sore, achy and tightness is to a minimum.

Rebecca B
San Diego, CA


I can sleep through the night!  I was in so much pain that I could neither sit nor stand for too long.  My back hurt so bad, I was in tears, but still had to work.  My neck gave me horrible headaches & nothing helped.  I just had to deal with it.  Then I visited Dr. Gary and the very 1st visit I saw improvement.  I know he fixed me and I’m so thankful to him and his team.  While under Dr. McDowell’s care my headaches became less severe & less frequent.  My foot/ankle pain was helped.  My lower-back became less tight and my middle-back pain became less frequent and less severe.

Jennifer P
Spring Valley, CA


Before getting treatment with Dr. Gary, I had no clue about anything that had to do with the skeleton system or what the benefits of seeing a chiropractor did for the body.  He made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough with explaining his plan of action to help me with my injury caused by the accident.  It’s safe to say, you are in really good hands @ McDowell Family Chiropractic!  All of the staff is very sweet and helpful.

Natalie A
Spring Valley, CA


I began my treatment following a major accident in December 2010.  Within weeks of treatments the headaches began to subside.  The pain I was experiencing in my mid-shoulder blades also began to subside within two months of bi-weekly adjustments.  In two month’s time, my pain has mostly subsided.  My sleep patterns have actually improved to better than before.  I have more energy and less fatigue.

Don K
Campo, CA


I got into an accident and had suffered a neck injury that had made it hard to sleep and focus.  After going through the care schedule that Dr. Gary had set up, I found that my symptoms had improved dramatically and I was able to return back to 100%.

Tim A
Lakeside, CA


We came into the McDowell Family Chiropractic today (4/21/2016) on of a yelpreview and we very happy when we left. My son was in tremendous back pain and we had to find a chiropractor that was open and could take us at 4:30 and he kept his office open for us. He normally closed at 4pm but they were willing to not only squeeze us in but stay late for us. That says a lot. They were very friendly, the staff was nice, office was clean and professional and I liked that they like the holistic approach to health as well. I would highly recommend him and he just earned a new patient and my family will be transferring over. I am very excited we found a great chiropractor that is so close to our house and work.  Thank you Dr. McDowell

Renee M
La Mesa, CA


I don't usually write glowing reviews, but in this case it is merited. I found McDowell Chiropractic based on Yelp reviews and was desperate for relief from pain when I called. I waited until the need was urgent because I had some anxiety about going to a "bone cracker" (this is the negative term my medical doctor uses for chiropractors) because I have had two prior back surgeries and anytime anyone tries to twist my back I anticipate pain. Here is what happened when I called. First, the receptionist, Cindy, was extremely kind and accommodating and said to come in even though there were no last minute appointments available. Second, the chiropractor, Dr. Gary, told me when I got there not to worry even though they had a roomful of patients he would find time for me. Third, the office was clean and professional. And fourth, and most importantly, I went in the office unable to stand up straight and left walking upright. I have had four appointments in the last two weeks and have already referred two other people.

Julie W
La Mesa, CA


This is my first review on Yelp, felt I had to give credit were credit is due. After a bad adjustment south of the border in March my pain has been non stop. After a few consultations at various locations I felt Gary would be the one who could help. Extremely attentive and showed interest in helping me and not himself monetarily, after my first visit he found what my problem is and reduced my pain considerably. I highly recommend at least a consultation with Gary he knows his stuff and more importantly you can tell he enjoys helping others.

Daniel S. 
La Mesa, CA


Dr. McDowell (or Dr. Gary as he likes to be called) is a wonderful chiropractor.  Many chiropractors do their job and go through the motions, but for Dr. Gary it's obviously more than just a career, it's a passion.  He also does a fabulous job of explaining what you should expect from the treatments and happily and clearly answers questions. McDowell Family Chiropractic is a happy place and I highly recommend it.

Brett A.
San Diego, CA


I've been seeing Dr Gary for over a year and a half. He's helped with various aches and pains and maladies like plantar fasciitis. At my age and situation I need all the help I can get - and he provides it for a great price. [And NEVER pass up the mechanized massage table before your appt - it's free!]

Mike A.
La Mesa, CA


Dr. Gary McDowell has been my chiropractor since I was 20 and I have yet to find another chiropractor who is as thorough and conscientious. He listens attentively, takes a thorough medical history, discusses options and provides a comprehensive treatment plan.

Once, after throwing out my back, I went to my MD who prescribed rest, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications. After a week of not being able to walk, sleep or sit up, I went to see Dr. Gary. I left walking.

Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Gary to anyone and everyone.

His practice recently moved to a new renovated location in La Mesa.

Erica M.
Glendale, CA


Dr. Gary has been my chiropractor for over 20 years.  I have had severe migraines for many years and going to see him for an adjustment many times was the only thing that would give me relief.  He knows exactly what I need when I go to help whatever ache or pain I am experiencing.  I would recommend him to anyone!!!  It is obviously by his great office staff and other patients that he is truly the best at what he does.  Thanks Gary for all you have done :)

Michele S.
Spring Valley, CA


"I have been a patient of Dr.Gary McDowell since June 2003. I had been referred by a neighbor who had a positive result from Dr. McDowell, and I needed immediate relief from severe back pain. Since then, both my wife Jeannie and son Christian have joined me as regular and happy patients.

Not only does Dr. McDowell provide relief, but he is very thorough with his diagnosis, formulates a plan for remedial and long range chiropractic health, and what I really appreciate about Gary is that he is a teacher as well as he takes the time to explain what the problem is, how I got there, what can be done and terrific, caring follow up."

Marty Rice
La Mesa, CA


"The chiropractic care I have received from Dr. Gary McDowell has been able to give me relief from my mid-back pain in a more natural way and instead of taking 3-4 Advil when the ache is bugging me."

Terresa Park
Murrieta, CA


"I have been skeptical about chiropractic care for years.  I had been adjusted and ended up on my back for days.  But after encouragement from my trainer, Jake at Glaze Fitness, I came to see Dr. Gary McDowell.  Dr. Gary has helped immensely.  He discovered that I have a severe whiplash that I was unaware of which contributed to my neck, head, shoulder, back, and hip pain!  It was a relief to find out what was wrong; but what is even better is through routine adjustments, he has all but eliminated my pain.  I not only feel better, I am now more aware of my body and posture and recognize what aggravates my “issues” and how to correct them through posture, exercises, adjustments in my workout, and continued adjustments.  Dr. Gary has changed my perception of chiropractic care and now recommend him to everyone I know!  I’m a believer!  I will continue to beat myself up and rely on Dr. Gary to fix me."

Alexis Martin
El Cajon, CA




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