Pain Management

As a former college pitching coach, cold laser therapy is a must in tissue repair and returning your athlete to competition in half the time.

In Del Mar's 2011 Thoroughbred seven week racing season I treated the jockey colony. These are the best trained pound for pound athletes that are exposed to riding a horse at 35-40mph up to ten times daily. When they experience down time from the saddle, they suffer greatly. We experienced four major falls during that meet, and not one jock missed days from any soft tissue injuries. All as a result of cold laser treatments for inflammation and pain.

I know that you are well aware of the effect that red light and infrared light has on healing damaged tissue by stimulating production of ATP at the cellular level. Multi Radiance Medical as accelerated it by super pulsing the infrared cold laser at 660nm, 875nm and 905nm, reaching 1-5 inches in tissue depth. This allows healthy cell regeneration, reducing pain and increasing wellness.

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