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McDowell Family Chiropractic, serving La Mesa, CA, and the nearby region, is home to Dr. Gary McDowell - a chiropractor with many years of experience helping people live better lives. The key to this is through wellness care, which is chiropractic care geared toward optimizing the nervous and musculoskeletal systems before there's a problem. We do this through various means. 

General Information 

Far too often, people only contact a chiropractor when they're having a problem, such as back pain. They don't realize that chiropractic care is so much more. In fact, wellness care from your La Mesa, CA, chiropractor can ward off problems so you live with less pain in the future. 

The entire goal of preventative care or wellness care is to optimize nervous system function and musculoskeletal system health. As a result, your systems remain strong and are less prone to injury, ailments, and dysfunction. 

Types of Wellness Care We Offer 

Spinal adjustments aren't just for when you have back or neck pain. By performing routine chiropractic adjustments before there's a problem, our practitioner can keep your nervous system functioning to the best of its ability. This means that you'll have less chance of dysfunction in the future or will at least delay it as much as possible. 

Another type of wellness care we offer is therapeutic exercise. Rather than standard cardio and resistance training, therapeutic exercise serves a purpose in the healing process. In terms of preventative care, it can make your muscles and other soft tissue less likely to sustain an injury. For instance, the exercises can make you more flexible. You can also improve coordination and balance through therapeutic exercise, which can result in less of a chance of you falling. 

We can also correct minor problems early on to prevent the issues from worsening and possibly reverse any effects from them. We consider this part of wellness care, since you ultimately feel better overall and avoid problems in the future. For instance, custom orthotics are one treatment we provide. If you have minor supination, pronation, or a case of plantar fasciitis, we can provide more support for your foot arches. You will then suffer less havoc on your nervous and musculoskeletal system. Ultimately, it can prevent knee and back problems, among other issues. 

A visit to McDowell Family Chiropractic, serving La Mesa, CA, and the general vicinity with Dr. McDowell for wellness care can optimize your overall health and prevent problems in the future. As a result, you'll be able to do more for longer and do it much more comfortably. 

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