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What Patients Say About Dr. Gary M. McDowell

I got into an accident and had suffered a neck injury that had made it hard to sleep and focus. After going through the care schedule that Dr. Gary had set up, I found that my symptoms had improved dramatically and I was able to return back to 100%!

Tim A - Lakeside, CA

Before getting treatment with Dr. Gary, I had no clue about anything that had to do with the skeletal system or what the benefits of seeing a chiropractor did for the body. He made me feel very comfortable and was very thorough with explaining has plan of action to help me with my injury, caused by the accident. All of the staff is very sweet and helpful! It's safe to say, you are in really good hands @ McDowell Family Chiropractic!

Natalie A - Spring Valley, CA

DR GARY IS GREAT!!! My family sees Dr Gary for both personal and accident related injuries. His treatments have made me feel more relaxed, less sore. My achy and tightness is to a minimum.

Rebecca B - San Diego, CA

I came to Dr. Gary with neck pain and back pain. After his treatment plan, I have no pain in my neck or back!

Haley D - Descanso, CA

I began my treatment following a major accident in December 2010. Within weeks of treatment the headaches began to subside. The pain I was experiencing in my mid-shoulder blades also began to subside within 2 months of be-weekly adjustments. In 3 months time, my pain has mostly subsided. My sleep patterns have actually improved to better tan before. I have more energy and less fatigue.

Don K - Campo, CA

I was in so much pain that I could neither sit not stand for too long. My back hurt so bad that I was in tears, but still had to work. My neck gave me horrible headaches and nothing helped. I just had to deal with it. Then I visited Dr. Gary and the very first visit, I saw improvement. I know he fixed me and I'm so thankful to him and his team. My headaches have become less frequent and less severe. My back pain is less frequent. My ankle doesn't hurt anymore. I can sleep through the night.

Jennifer P - Spring Valley, CA


I slipped a disk and pinched a nerve all at once and couldn't even stand up. I called in and the super nice and caring office mgr, was quick to get me in. Dr Gary had me standing straight and walking in just 2 visits!! My dad has never believed in chiropractors. But after seeing how much pain I was in, and how fast Dr Gary had me up and moving around again, he is a believer now!

Thank you Dr Gary!!

Alyssa R. - La Mesa, CA

My Grandma is pain-free for the first time in years, thanks to Dr. McDowell! She is 84-years old and I worry about her out in the big world sometimes. But the staff takes such good care of her (handling the insurance, making appointments, answering questions). They are all is so patient with my Grandma's hearing loss and limitations. I really love Dr. Gary for how good he is to my Grandma. I am very grateful to Dr. McDowell because not only is my Grandma back to enjoying life (after suffering from terrible chronic low back pain), but I feel like I have an ally who really cares about my family and helps keep us living healthy and happy :)

Wendy D. - San Diego, CA

This is my first review on Yelp, felt I had to give credit were credit is due. After a bad adjustment south of the border in March my pain has been non stop. After a few consultations at various locations I felt Gary would be the one who could help. Extremely attentive and showed interest in helping me and not himself monetarily, after my first visit he found what my problem is and reduced my pain considerably. I highly recommend at least a consultation with Gary he knows his stuff and more importantly you can tell he enjoys helping others.
Daniel S. - La Mesa, CA

Dr. McDowell (or Dr. Gary as he likes to be called) is a wonderful chiropractor. Many chiropractors do their job and go through the motions, but for Dr. Gary it's obviously more than just a career, it's a passion. He also does a fabulous job of explaining what you should expect from the treatments and happily and clearly answers questions. McDowell Family Chiropractic is a happy place and I highly recommend it.

Brett A. - San Diego, CA

After l left Santa Rosa, I thought I would never find another chiropractor I could have as much confidence in as the one I had up there. However, when my hip didn't stop hurting after a number of weeks and I was pretty sure my HMO would be as useless as usual, I gave Dr. Gary's office a call. So glad I did! He's extremely thorough, explaining clearly, listening intently, and is very kind. I felt SO much better after my very first adjustment.
His staff is also extremely personable and clearly love their jobs. I was able to get in on the same day I called. Nice central location on University near Spring Street, with plenty of non-metered parking in the back. If you're in pain, Dr. Gary can help. I wish I could see him for more routine care, but he will definitely be my chiropractor in shining armor when I need rescuing! I recommend you call him soon.

Patricia H. - La Mesa, CA

I've been seeing Dr Gary for over a year and a half. He's helped with various aches and pains and maladies like plantar fasciitis. At my age and situation I need all the help I can get - and he provides it for a great price. [And NEVER pass up the mechanized massage table before your appt - it's free!]

Mike A. - La Mesa, CA

'Dr. Gary' is everything you could ask for; kind, dedicated, caring, intuitive, professional, friendly, and miraculously clear with information. he has a healing nature as well as a healing hand. he gave me relief from several areas of chronic pain in my back, hip and shoulder in a single visit and subsequently presented me with easy treatment options as well as some tips on how to hold the adjustment and keep an overall healthy attitude toward my body and life; add a sense of humor and a 'pain free' front desk experience thanks to the multi-talented staff and you've got an unbeatable prescription for better living - no matter what your age.

Garin W. - El Cajon, CA

Incredible Dr. and staff! I love this office! I was referred by a friend to Dr. Gary earlier this year with extreme pain "tennis elbow," radiating up my arm and into my back, which would come and go for the past four years. In a matter of weeks after x-ray evaluation, consultation and a series of adjustments the pain I had in my arm is completely gone. Dr. Gary explained that the pain was actually coming from subluxation in my spine at the back of my neck. I am so thankful for his kind and professional care! Because of him I am now enjoying a pain free life. The front office staff are professional and always have a smile and warm welcome when I arrive. What a wonderful team : )

David-Brenda P. - National City, CA

Dr. Gary McDowell has been my chiropractor since I was 20 and I have yet to find another chiropractor who is as thorough and conscientious. He listens attentively, takes a thorough medical history, discusses options and provides a comprehensive treatment plan. Once, after throwing out my back, I went to my MD who prescribed rest, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant medications. After a week of not being able to walk, sleep or sit up, I went to see Dr. Gary. I left walking. Without reservation, I would recommend Dr. Gary to anyone and everyone.

Erica M. - Glendale, CA

I found Dr. Gary and his wonderful staff through Yelp. Having reoccurring headaches and numbness in my hands for several days they squeezed me in as a new patient within an hour and a half of calling. The staff are very welcoming when you walk in and help you get through all the paperwork and new patient steps with no difficulty. Dr Gary is a very affable person who takes his time to understand your issue and make sure you understand the necessary treatment and options. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and whether you are looking for a quick fix, pain management or long term wellness, you would not go astray looking into Dr. Gary and his wonderful office!

Rachel D. - Vallejo, CA

Dr. Gary has been my chiropractor for over 20 years. I have had severe migraines for many years and going to see him for an adjustment many times was the only thing that would give me relief. He knows exactly what I need when I go to help whatever ache or pain I am experiencing. I would recommend him to anyone!!! It is obviously by his great office staff and other patients that he is truly the best at what he does. Thanks Gary for all you have done :)

Michele S. - Spring Valley, CA

We are very grateful for the fine service offered by Dr. Gary. He has definitely improved our quality of life. Our family had been going to a chiropractor for over 25 years, and then that doctor retired. We were a little concerned finding a new doctor who we would be comfortable with to meet our needs. We met Dr. Gary and since day one we were glad we did. He is not only a very fine doctor and helps us with our concerns, but also is a very caring, kind person. You feel so at ease with him and know he cares for your well being.

Dr. Gary’s staff are also very professional, polite, and courteous. They make you feel at ease as soon as you walk in the door, and are very prompt with submitting insurance. We would, and do, tell our friends if they are looking for a good chiropractor, to see Dr. Gary McDowell. Our family is grateful for all he and his staff do for us, and look forward to a long relationship.

Larry, Janice, and David K - San Diego, CA

About six years ago, I began to suffer with back pain, sciatica and several other ailments. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Gary McDowell. From the first time I went to him, I recognized his care, his availability, and his willingness to see me often. Since that time, I have continued to see him. He is also very encouraging and gives suggestions of stretching and other ways of helping to strengthen my body. He is wonderful, thoughtful, and caring. I am so glad I met him those years ago.

“Our calling is therefore the way of being that as both best for us and best for the world. The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” You truly have heard and are living out God’s call in your life.

Cynthia M - Spring Valley, CA

I am pleased and thankful to have Dr. McDowell be my healing Chiropractor. He is a great caring doctor. Dr. McDowell does manipulative procedures that I have never experienced from any other Chiropractor. I can feel his dedicated caring self as he works on me. He is MOST DEDICATED to help his patients. I recall one weekend when I made a wrong move by lifting a very heavy flowerpot. My back was in real pain. Dr. McDowell went way out of his way to give me a treatment right away. This is most UNUSUAL for any doctor to go the extra mile and do this caring helping service on a weekend. Dr. McDowell has been my Chiropractor for many years. I am most blessed and honored to be under is dedicated care. With immense prayerful gratitude, I ask God’s multiple blessings on him and his family and staff.

Charmaine D - San Diego, CA

McDowell Family Chiropractic provided detailed specifics about my condition and treatment procedures. I felt informed regarding my recovery process and Dr. McDowell relieved my neck and back pain.

Shaye C - Spring Valley, CA

Chiropractic care has been a part of my road to healing and recovery! I’m grateful and thankful that I can go back to my “normal life” before the accident with very little pain and discomfort.

Jessica T - Jamul, CA

With continued treatment, my headaches have gone away for the most part. I feel stronger and more relaxed. I have little or no pain. Dr. McDowell is the best!!

Bernice M - La Mesa, CA

I never really understood chiropractic care before my car accident. Coming into Dr. McDowell’s office was a true blessing. His office staff knows who you are and treat you wonderfully. Dr. McDowell takes his time with you during your visit. I never feel rushed or like I don’t matter. He treats all of me, mind, body and spirit. I always leave feeling more relaxed, optimistic and encouraged. My body has started working again, and my aches and pains are more manageable. I will always be grateful to Dr. McDowell, and his staff! If you’ve never tried chiropractic care or have had a bad experience, give Dr. McDowell a chance. You won’t be disappointed.

Katie T - La Mesa, CA

I appreciate all Dr. Gary's wonderful care and “overtime”. I was very impressed with his level of care/treatment. I would like to also express my gratitude on the x-rays he did so thoroughly.

Betty S - Spring Valley, CA

My first chiropractic experience was with Dr. Gary McDowell, a seasoned expert in his field who continuously informed, predicted milestones, encouraged and supported me through this journey towards physical recovery. I sought chiropractic care following a serious car accident that left me with neck and shoulder injuries such as: whiplash, tissue, muscle, ligament and nerve damage as well as a compromised vertebra. The pain I was in was the worst I had every experienced and my daily life had changed. I was haunted with the thought that I would be experiencing chronic pain for the rest of my life and did not know how I would manage it.

I had my doubts about the effectiveness of chiropractic care to restore my health, but through the consistent improvement over time and Dr. McDowell’s resolute belief that progress was being made my doubts were alleviated. I came to count on all of the staff to support me through this long nine month journey of healing. I never left the office without some on the staff encouraging me, showing concern or commenting on the change they observed in me as my injuries were healing. Every question I had was addressed thoroughly, respectfully and with lots and lots of patience even if I asked the same question over and over again. The entire staff proved to me that they were as invested in my recovery as I was and sometimes even more than I could even muster for myself at the time. They were my most significant support team and I borrowed strength from them many a time.

As I began to experience chiropractic care I realized some key differences from the more traditional approach to medical care. One of the most important one for me was Dr. McDowell actually took the time each and every visit to listen to the symptoms I had experienced and developed a plan of care to address those current symptoms. I took confidence in the care I was receiving due in a large part to how he tailored the adjustments to the particular need of each visit.

Another major difference was the natural healing aspect to the treatment’s approach. Although there was a short period of time in which I took pain medication, the large majority of the treatment was absent of prescription medication. Instead, the healing process relied heavily on the body responding to the adjustments which allowed the healing to take place at a natural pace. There were no side effects I had to watch out for. I was free to marvel at the body’s way of healing itself when it is allowed to do so.

Another key difference was how attuned Dr. McDowell proved to be time and time again as he strategically decreased the frequency of visits. As the frequency of treatments decreased, my anxiety increased because I was never emotionally ready for such a change and was sure I would regress. However, his timing was precise and just like he said, I continued to progress towards healing and didn't’t need those extra visits. As a bonus, Dr. McDowell graciously addressed other areas of physical pain in my life even though it did not relate to my original reason for seeking treatment. During the course of treatment, he also addressed foot pain, menstrual pain, and sleep issues. The homeopathic remedies recommended have resulted in a significant reduction of symptoms.

It is now ten months later and I have been released from the weekly visits. I now go every three to four weeks for maintenance. The contrast between now and then is dramatic. The pain is now only fleeting, my range of motion in my neck has been fully restored, strength continues to return, and my life is getting back on track. I no longer worry about chronic pains in my life.

This experience with chiropractic care has been the best medical treatment I have every received. I feel grateful beyond words for the healing that took place. I would highly recommend seeking chiropractic care to anyone who is suffering from pain or an injury. Dr. McDowell and his staff create a welcoming environment in the office that will have you wanting to return time and time again.

Amy Jo

"I have been a patient of Dr.Gary McDowell since June 2003. I had been referred by a neighbor who had a positive result from Dr. McDowell, and I needed immediate relief from severe back pain. Since then, both my wife Jeannie and son Christian have joined me as regular and happy patients.

Not only does Dr. McDowell provide relief, but he is very thorough with his diagnosis, formulates a plan for remedial and long range chiropractic health, and what I really appreciate about Gary is that he is a teacher as well as he takes the time to explain what the problem is, how I got there, what can be done and terrific, caring follow up."

Marty R - La Mesa, CA

"I have been skeptical about chiropractic care for years. I had been adjusted and ended up on my back for days. But after encouragement from my trainer, Jake at Glaze Fitness, I came to see Dr. Gary McDowell. Dr. Gary has helped immensely. He discovered that I have a severe whiplash that I was unaware of which contributed to my neck, head, shoulder, back, and hip pain! It was a relief to find out what was wrong; but what is even better is through routine adjustments, he has all but eliminated my pain. I not only feel better, I am now more aware of my body and posture and recognize what aggravates my “issues” and how to correct them through posture, exercises, adjustments in my workout, and continued adjustments. Dr. Gary has changed my perception of chiropractic care and now recommend him to everyone I know! I’m a believer! I will continue to beat myself up and rely on Dr. Gary to fix me."

Alexis M - El Cajon, CA

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