Sports Injury

Every athlete knows that sports injuries happen, but no athlete is ever truly ready for it to happen to them. When you get injured, all you can think about is getting healthy and back on the field. Medical care is helpful, but for an athlete might not be enough. You need chiropractic care to help your body boost its natural healing ability while managing your pain. That’s why McDowell Family Chiropractic is passionate about helping athletes recover from sports injuries.

How Chiropractors Help Sport Injuries

Athletes pay more attention to how their body moves than the average person. So, you’ve probably noticed how sports injuries force you to hold your body differently than you usually would. Your body naturally tries to alter its movements to try and work around the pain. This can be helpful in the early stages of healing from an injury, but as you get closer to being fully healed, it can actually worsen your pain. Why? Unnatural posture knocks your body out of alignment. If you’re holding your shoulder at an unusual angle after an injury to your throwing arm, your shoulder isn’t going to line up perfectly like it used to. The same goes for all your other extremities as well as your spine. Chiropractic adjustments guide misaligned limbs and spines back to their proper places, reducing your pain and getting your body back where it was before your injury.

Natural Pain Management for Sports Injuries

One of the most significant benefits of seeing a chiropractor for sports injuries is their ability to diagnose and recommend treatment for hard-to-identify injuries. We are natural pain management specialists. It can be frustrating if you’re experiencing pain despite being cleared. No one wants to have their game thrown off by lingering pain. As chiropractors, we believe the body’s ability to heal naturally provides the best healing. That’s why we focus on identifying sources of pain and treating it via chiropractic adjustment.

Healing Sports Injuries

Athletes know that injuries are part of the reality of playing the game sometimes. No one wants to be the athlete that gets injured, but sometimes there’s no avoiding it. If it happens to you, you deserve the best care possible to help you recover and keep playing. If you’ve suffered a sports injury, visit us at 8300 University Avenue, La Mesa, CA, or call (619) 670-7700. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get back in the game.

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